Badshot Lea FC

Badshot Lea FC has been looking to find a pitch which can form their new home for a number of years. Arturus have looked at the feasibility of locating them on existing pitches elsewhere within the area, however the best solution has presented itself with the relocation of Farnham RFC to new facilities and to convert their old rugby pitch (which is owned by the local council) to allow for football to FA step 4. This requires the fencing of the ground, provision of floodlights, 150 covered seats and 150 covered standing spaces, dugouts and the appropriate club house with changing facilities etc.

The existing club house is to be extended and extensively refurbished so that it can include the required physio/first aid room, board room and referees changing rooms alongside the team changing rooms and club room. A new car park is also provided as well as two 9 v 9 pitches which will enable the clubs under 11 and 12 teams to play at the same location.