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Situated in the Old Market Conservation Area, Bristol, in the backland area of Old Market, this residential project substantially converts and extends a vacant sheltered housing block into a state of the art apartment block for the private rental sector.


Arturus Architects were selected by the client on the basis of their imaginative design proposals to extend out to the front of the building to maximise the site’s potential. An additional 2 floors are added to the top of the building which will become unrecognisable, cloaked in a building envelope of brick slips and zinc cladding. The building is increased from an original 31no 1 bed apartments to create a total of 63no 1, 2 and bed dwellings, including penthouses with views across the city.


The linear roof forms of the building echo the historic ‘burgage’ plots which ran perpendicular to Old Market Street (one of Bristol’s oldest streets). The street pattern has been lost, but this design hopes to capture some of the character in a modern take on the medieval gabled street frontage.


The scheme gained planning consent in 2019 and is currently on site.




Bristol, UK


Under construction

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