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ICU opens within 49 days at hospital in Bath

It is not only the big practices that have been continuing to work in healthcare. We are delighted to have completed the Royal United Hospitals Pierce ITU Ward conversion which took 49 days from decision to proceed to completion and just 42 days on site - An amazing job by KP Wilton and their sub contractors especially JPS and Electrio. Whilst this project started out a temporary conversion to allow the permanent upgrade of the current ITU ward the decision was taken 49 days ago to make it more long term so this is a fully compliant intensive care unit with a completely new MEP installation which adds 14 new ITU bedspaces. It was the calmest site I have been on even though multiple trades working on the same spaces at the same time. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Aaron Whiston and especially Mike Lewis for the brilliant team work to complete the project to such a high standard in such a short time. Having a strong subcontractor and supply chain local to Bath/Bristol which Wiltons played a big part in achieving this with everybody pulling together to deliver a superb finish. Arturus Project Associate Ian Burridge with Esther Slade and some of the drawings by Ben Noad (his last project before retiring after over 50 years working on healthcare projects).

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